Obligation to report the birth of a baby within 14 days

For foreign nationals giving birth to child in Indonesia then they must report the birth of the child to the civil registry office and also to be registered in the Indonesian immigration office within 14 days after the day of birth. After the issuance of birth certificate by civil registry office then the next step is to settle the passport in the office of their country embassy in Jakarta. If the birth of the child is not reported to the immigration office then when departing from Indonesia later on there would be problem in the airport immigration and your child shall not be permitted to depart from Indonesia. The most important requirement in settling for the child birth certificate in civil registry office in Indonesia is the obligation to show the marriage certificate of parents and birth certification letter from the hospital. This matter of reporting baby birth seems to be trivial resulting in the lack of giving much attention to it, yet from the experience occurring to our client that those not reporting the birth of their child to the immigration office had caused them a lot of stress because they had problems in the Airport and their child was not allowed to depart from Indonesia. Besides that, there were also incurred with penalty because of the delay to report it.

As for foreign nationals living in Indonesia with KITAS then they must settle KITAS for the baby in the immigration office at the latest within 60 days after birth, after previously have settled the birth certificate in the civil registry office and passport in the embassy. If they were late in settling KITAS in the immigration office then they shall be incurred with penalty in the amount of IDR 200,000 per day. And for parents having KITAS they may sponsor their baby to obtain KITAS.